UK Smart Grid Routemap sets out a Smart future for the UK

Yesterday saw the much awaited publication of the UK’s Smart Grid vision and routemap by DECC and the UK’s Smart Grid Forum.

The routemap sets out how a phased rollout of smart grid technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, curb increases in energy bills and enhance energy security over the coming decades, delivering economic savings worth up to £12bn a year by 2050.

The routemap sets out the potential of Smart Grid technologies to deliver a cleaner, more resilient energy system as well as to deliver 13bn of Gross Value Added and £5bn of potential exports by 2050, while creating about 9,000 jobs by 2030.

The report highlights the leading work of the UK through the £500m Low Carbon Network Fund and the setting targets to deliver smart meters to every home by 2019. It does, however highlight the challenges ahead, particularly in establishing an effective regulatory regime for a significantly more complex smart energy architecture.

Looking to the future the report sets out the need for a three-phase rollout of smart grid systems, with: –

• A “development phase” through to 2020 that focuses on completing the national smart meter rollout and establishing a supply chain for the industry
• A “rollout phase” in the 2020s that sees new smart grid infrastructure and energy storage systems deployed
• A “developed phase” in the 2030s that sees a fully integrated energy system established

So lots of challenges ahead, but equally what a fantastic opportunity.

Want to know more then download the Smart Grid Vision and Routemap

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