Smarter Futures offer a range of specialist support services, reflecting our diverse experience in the fields of Sustainability, Climate Change, Economic Development and Smart Energy. Through our unique mix of skills and knowledge, as well as our ability to draw on a wide network of associates, we are able to offer an innovative and integrated approach.

Below are some of the areas we can help with. However, in this diverse and rapidly changing area, opportunities might not fit neatly into one category, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we would be happy to talk through your ideas.

Strategic planning

A Smarter Future will require an innovative P1030549and integrated approach to how we produce, distribute and consume energy. Our broad experience in the development of long term strategic programmes in the fields of Smart Energy and climate change means that we can help you to set out your long term strategic vision and delivery plans.

Economic development  

With the Smart Energy market predicted to grow by 30% year on year in the EU, the move to a Smart Energy economy will create significant opportunities for create new high value jobs. We offer a wide range of support to private and public organisations looking to take a lead in this field.

Community and Stakeholder engagement

People are at the heart of our energy system, with perhaps our biggest challenge will be re-engaging people with their energy. We have spent a number of years working with community groups and businesses to understand their challenges and to develop new practical solutions in an ever changing energy landscape.

Energy security

In an increasingly uncertain world governments and businesses need to ensure they are prepared for the impacts of Climate Change and uncertainty around future energy supply. In doing so support the creating more resilient energy systems. Our specialist expertise in both developing solutions to adapt to the impacts of Climate Change and developing more efficient and resilient Smart Energy systems provides us with a unique toolkit to identify individual and large scale solutions to tackle these challenges.

Market advice

The Smart Energy marketplace is diverse bridging a wide range of sectors as well as a complex and highly changeable policy and regulatory environment. We can help you to navigate this landscape supporting you to identify new market opportunities.

International investor support

The necessary innovation which will drive the Smart Energy market will come from around the world. We have experience of working with governments and industry from the EU and Asian markets in particular. Whether you are a company looking to invest in the UK or a UK company looking to export we can help.    

Funding/grant support and applications

As a rapidly growing, but still emerging sector, there is a diverse range of support available for the development of new ideas. We have experience of developing and delivering a range of projects using a number of different funds from, local, national and EU sources. We can help you to find the right fund for your idea, find partners, and develop DSCF0318and deliver a winning bid.

Communication and dissemination

Getting the message right is always important, but no more so in this field. We specialise in conveying often complex messages to a range of audiences and we pride ourselves in doing things differently.

Project and programme management

We have a number of years experience in managing small and large projects as well as complex work programmes. We can help develop projects or programmes of work and ensure they are effectively delivered.

Carbon accounting

We are certified carbon accountants so can help in measuring your carbon footprint and developing carbon reduction programmes for your organisation.