Innovation will be the driving force behind the development of a new Smart Energy economy, providing the necessary novel solutions to support the step change in how we produce, distribute and ultimately consume energy. This innovation driven market is growing rapidly, with a recent report predicting an annual growth rate of 30% in the smart energy solutions market in the EU.

Through Smarter Futures Innovation Hothouse we provide a unique environment to develop, test and take to market the new products and services that will drive this Smart Energy revolution. Our formula is quite simple; at its heart it is all about bringing the right people together, from industry, academia, businesses and communities, who will ultimately be the end consumers of any innovative solution we develop.

At Smarter Futures we understand that success will only be possibly through the continual evolution of ideas. As well as bringing stakeholders together, we support access to funding from a range of sources; reducing risk and providing the space to create new ideas for a Smarter world.

We are always looking for new ideas and partners, so if you have a great idea we would be really happy to talk it through with you and help you develop it further.