New report from the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative

The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative has just released an excellent report outlining the latest findings and summarising much of their work on consumer awareness and perception of the smart grid.

The accompanying press release summarised the key findingsDSCF0013_2

“The key to understanding the latest trends in engaging and educating consumers in smart grid is understanding how to appeal to them in terms that will resonate,” said SGCC Executive Director Patty Durand. “In order to increase awareness of a consumer-safe, consumer-friendly smart grid to consumers, utilities and other smart grid technology providers must do a better job at engaging consumers and getting into a consumer-first mindset.”

The report highlights the key themes and takeaways from the research conducted by SGCC in 2013. The six key themes are:

  • Theme 1: Consumer awareness and favourability are stable over time
  • Theme 2: Segmentation drives performance
  • Theme 3: Utilities can use field-tested best practices frameworks to engage customers
  • Theme 4: Customers want smart grid “made real” for them
  • Theme 5: Consumers value clean energy
  • Theme 6: The smart grid offers real benefits that consumers care about

Follow the link to read the full report



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