A Smart Energy economy is one which balances supply and demand in a decentralised energy system, whilst also ensuring the economic and social opportunities that the technology creates is retained in the local economy.

Energy is the fundamental element that binds our economicDSCF0013_2 prosperity, social well-being and the environment. As we decarbonise our energy supply and move to an ever prosperous and globalised society we face considerable challenges. Not just in how we will produce enough ‘clean energy’, but we must also understand how we can distribute and consume this energy more efficiently. The solutions are there, we have the renewable energy technologies and Smart Grid innovations to deliver a paradigm shift to a new, decentralised, more efficient and resilient energy economy across the globe. Within this change some of the biggest opportunities lie in the economic and social benefit we can create through a smart energy economy. Here also, however, lie the biggest challenges, Smarter Futures is here to ensure these challenges are turned into opportunities.

Such a fundamental transition in our energy economy poses significant opportunities for early adopters. The most obvious will be increased resilience and productivity by both reducing energy consumption taking control of their own energy supply. Furthermore, moving to a new Smart Energy Economy will create a much more diverse energy ecosystem which will require a multitude of new products and services. This will be a large and growing marketplace for early innovators.

As well as a driver of economic growth in those innovative business and regions. The decentralisation of our energy system provides significant opportunities for local communities to pioneer new models of energy ownership, ushering in a new energy future. One such community is the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network in Cornwall, a community Smarter Futures works closely with. They are at the forefront of this transition, working with local stakeholders and the Smart Energy industry to develop new models of community energy ownership and local energy markets.

Whether you are or represent an individual, organisation or geographical region, we can work with you to develop bespoke solutions to ensure together we can capitalise on the opportunities of a new smart energy future.